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Building in Unincorporated Areas of Huerfano County

Road to Bear Lake

General Information:

Building Fees: BOCC Resolution 19-15
Mold and Moisture Information
State Approved Water Haulers
Home Builder's Guide to Construction in Wildfire Zones
REScheck Software
COMcheck Software
Las Animas-Huerfano Counties District Health Department

Regulations & Guidelines:

2015 Building Code Adoption: BOCC Resolution 17-13
Foundation Requirements: BOCC Resolution 9-16
Water Availablility Requirements: BOCC Resolution 11-10
Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements
Group U-Agricultural Buildings: IBC Appendix C
Required RADON Gas Mitigation: IRC Appendix F
DECKS: 2015 IRC Section R507, Exterior Decks
STAIRS: Building Guidelines
Manufactured Home Permit Guidelines
Building Permit Submittal Guidelines
Attachment 3: Ground Snow Loads
Attachment 4: Frost Depth Requirements

Resolution requiring existence of single family dwelling prior to issuance of building permit for accessory or agricultural structures/Consent to Search Permitted Greenhouses: BOCC Resolution 16-54


Building Permit Application
Zoning Permit Application (Non-Subdivision Properties only)
*Zoning Permits shall be used for structures intended for agricultural purposes only, on tracts of land within an Agricultural Zoning District, described by metes and bounds.
Property Owner / Builder Liability Form
Water Disclaimer Form
State Manufactured Home Installation Application
Waiver and Consent to Search Permitted Greenhouses

Generic Plans:

Single Family Residential One Story Addition Plans
Uncovered Deck and Porch Plans
Single Family Detached Garage Plans
Basement Finish Plans
Enclosing Existing Patio Cover Plans
Patio Cover & Carport Plans
Single Family Residential Re-Roofing
Pole Barn Construction Guide (See IBC Appendix C)