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General Land Use
Regulations & Procedures

Clarence Tipton
RESOLUTION 19-15, Average Construction Cost and the Building Permit Fee Multiplier

RESOLUTION 17-86, EXTENSION of temporary ban on acceptance of new applications for Commercial Marijuana

Notice of Joint Public Hearing concerning DRAFT Section 18.00, Commercial Marijuana & Hemp

DRAFT SECTION 18.00, Commercial Marijuana & Hemp

Resolution 13-35, codifying the Huerfano County Land Use Regulations

Master Table of Contents
Section 1.00: Zoning
Section 1.12: Temporary Uses and Assembly
Section 2.00: Subdivisions
Section 3.00: Planned Unit Developments (PUD's)
Section 4.00: Flood Damage Prevention
Section 5.00: Uranium Exploration and Development
Section 6.00: Oil and Gas
Section 7.00: Areas and Activities of State Interest
Section 8.00: Common Procedures
Section 9.00: Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment
Section 10.00: Building Permits
Section 11.00: Fee Structure
Section 12.00: Submittal Copies
Section 13.00: Enforcement, Violation, Penalties and Non-Liability
Section 14.00: Signs
Section 15.00: Dark Sky
Section 16.00: Rescinding Manufactured Home Parks and Campgrounds
Section 17.00: Land Use Definitions
Section 18.00: Commercial Marijuana and Hemp

Road Name Change Process
Future Land Use Map
Land Use Application Form